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Men for hire

Men for hire

Men for hire is a noble profession. Originally men that indulged in it were either seen as lazy individuals or as incompetent in their former careers. Derogatory terms such as gigolo are bandied around and respect is believed not be found in being a Men for hire.

Lately, more young men have been going into this profession due to the massive unemployment currently facing the country. Men that stay on the corner of the streets, in the ghetto and slums are now men for hire. Usually, these men sign with a Men for hire agency or occasionally go solo. We have had lots of good looking able bodied men shun degenerate careers like racketeering, burglary, drug dealing and armed robbery to become a man for hire.

These young men are the ones trying to make over the image of this profession and to make it seem a lot more attractive and positive. Largely, these men have succeeded and the demand for a man for hire is at an all time high.

We are entering the golden age of Men for hire and history is being rewritten right before our very eyes. Like in the old Roman empire, often seen as the pinnacle of civilisation which our ideas like democracy and other noble ideas were borrowed from, we are also borrowing the man for hire trend which was known to be quite fashionable in old Rome. Rome, as they say, was not built in a day but by the toil of men for hire.

Couples with issues in their marriages as a result of monotony of actions and boredom have begun experimenting on how to spice up their marriages. Reports have shown that the demographic that mostly requests for the services of a man for hire are middle aged women, spinsters, and married men. This should not come as a surprise, as a lot of people actually need the services of these men for hire to entertain themselves.

Being a man for hire had never been more popular. Exclusive clubs are opening up at a regularity which is quite surprising. As the demand for more man for hire services increase, so does the supply. More men are learning tricks in trying to fine tune their skills and earn extra cash. Some have perfected the art of erotic dancing, making love and the art of conversation. Needless to say, these men for hire have created an utopia for women in which their company is preferred to that of ordinary me despite them having to pay for it.

An interview with a patron of these exclusive man for hire clubs, Sharon revealed that these women don't mind paying exorbitant prices as long as the Men for hire service is good. In her own words, "I used to go on a lot of dates, but most of the guys I met are an uninteresting lot. They have no knowledge of broad subjects and don't know how to hold a conversation. My preferred man for hire, Jay is quite well read and treats me the way a lady should be treated. I don't mind paying for it as long as the service is good"

Reports have even surfaced that some women are finding love in arms of these men. The love found between patron and Men for hire can be so strong that some of these men actually quit the business so as to be with the one they love. Isn't love just wonderful?

Tom and Grace recently shared their story. Theirs is a beautiful one in which Tom quit the man for hire business so as to make his wife a bit more comfortable although they both admit that money is really tight. Without this avenue, chances are they probably would have never met and this blissful union may never have come to fruition.

Let's do away with old traditions and embrace new ones. Men for hire is here to stay and the neon lights that display "Men for hire" all over the city, needless to say, are staying on despite the rising electricity costs.