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Finding the Right Brothel in Melbourne

Travelling abroad and curious as how to find a brothel that will cater to your needs? We cannot stress the word research enough. Nothing says disappointment like walking up to a brothel and expecting to have the mind blowing time of your life to only receive a blow and go.

You can’t expect a sensual erotic massage if you’re visiting a brothel that caters to the BDSM community (or can you?)!

If you’re visiting Melbourne, you’ll soon realize that Melbourne just might be Australia’s answer to the US’ “Sin City” (Las Vegas). Flinders Street in Melbourne could easily be the flashing neon light filled street that is “The Strip” in Las Vegas. Flinders Street is considered by locals and sex tourists as the red light district of Melbourne. You’ll find famous and some of Australia’s most infamous brothels in Melbourne.  Just like Vegas, you can’t walk into Bellagio expecting to see the Australian Bee Gees if they’re performing down the street at Excalibur!

Do your RESEARCH and do you research well. If you are seeking a very specific experience or fantasy, do not hesitate to reach out and ask if the brothel you are considering will have what you need to make fantasy a reality. Maybe you are seeking a very specific type of lady, a brothel like Maison D’Amour has lovely ladies from around the world that include India and Africa as well as escorts from Australia, Europe, America, and Asia. You can roll the dice and hope the lady of your dream is working that day or you can call or email in advance and ask specifically for what you are dreaming of. Don’t assume all brothels have themed rooms, spas, and discreet entrances or parking. Check them out on their website or simply call and ask all you want to know before leaving your house.

The website is a great source of information for Melbourne brothels, erotic massage parlours and more. If you don’t want to spend time scouring the web, they have all the eggs in one basket so to speak and you can see what each brothel offers and how close they are to you.

No matter what you are seeking or doing, research. Consider the research the ingredients you will need to have one of the best fantasy filled nights or mind-blowing nights of your life. Without the right ingredients, you will be left disappointed and out of pocket for something that just let you down.